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SYT Makina Sanayi

With our experience we gained with Projects we did on Automotive, Aeronautics, Marine, Railed Systems, concerning with 2017 we have made this experience real as SYT Makine with grown staff.

Our priority is producing quality to supply our customers’ expectations fully at all sectors we are in.

"Each Project is a new start" because each Project made will create next ones basic.

We are carrying our activities out aimed at first automotive and other sectors under favour of our grown staff at R-D, design and production segments.

Our company combined quality and engineering is keeping customer satisfaction at foreground by delivery on time and after sell support.

Our company that aiming to work as a solution partner carrying its mission out at its services al many areas of machine industry by a reliable way.

Contact us for all your questions, projects and requests.


Kayapa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
Orkide Caddesi No: 12
Nilüfer / Bursa / TÜRKİYE

+90 224 493 21 40
GSM:+90 533 706 65 08
FAKS: +90 224 493 21 50

Our Principles

  • Our Policy
    We work meticulously from designing step to delivering.
  • Our Value
    Firstly we move with our respect to human health and our environment.

About Us

With our experience we gained since 2006 to present we are continuing our way as SYT Makina at 2017.

At our company quality is not detected as a vehicle, detected as a purpose. Our company is continuing its works with this consciousness.

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