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Kayapa OSB Orkide Cd. N.12

Working Hours

8:00 - 18:30

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    Innovative Approach

    Productivity and creating innovation is a completely result of technological development. Our most important priority is answering our customers requests with quality and stability.

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    Producing Solutions

    Our main purpose is offering sharp solutions to our customers with advanced technology and support of perfect product service to our customer requests in domestic and abroad.

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    R&D and Design

    We are producing professional solutions with development on present design and production Technologies by our experiments we gained from Machine/Construction design and production, spare part and machining topics.

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    Environmentalist Idea

    It’s our mission to add value to our country and stick to our business partners’ trust to us based on our quality and environment understanding, continuous healing focused, long termed relationship.

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Satisfaction; after-sales application and installation support.

Assembly Line

Assembly Line Installation

Fixtures and Apparatus

Fixtures and Apparatus Manufacturing

Special Project Design

Special Project Design Manufacturing

Skillet Platform Conveyor

Skillet Platform Conveyor
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  • Experienced, Dynamic, Innovator...

    Our company is aiming to be one of the numbered industry companies by increasing production, technology, and number of experienced staff always.
    • Priority Is Quality
    • Sectoral Innovations
    • Solution focused
    • Support after sales
    • Design and production
    • Always support

    Machine Production

  • Power and Competition

    Main element of a healthy economy is power of competition. An economy’s competition power is according to increasion of productivity and power of creating innovation. With power given from making all sections real on its own, answering its customers’ need at technic support services.
    • Platform and Conveyor
    • Special Solutions to Projects
    • Fixture & Apparatus production
    • Assembling Lines Set-up


Our Activities;

Automotive Metal Production Manufacturing

We are showing high performance to understand our customers’ requests true and to produce solutions supplying requests.

As we aim to be the best and realize that it will not be enough to reach it, we create business partnerships with our partners, customers and employees to develop and share each other for the best of the whole.

About Us

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Kayapa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
Orkide Caddesi No: 12
Nilüfer / Bursa / TÜRKİYE

+90 224 493 21 40
GSM:+90 533 706 65 08
FAKS: +90 224 493 21 50

Our Principles

  • Our Policy
    We work meticulously from designing step to delivering.
  • Our Value
    Firstly we move with our respect to human health and our environment.

About Us

With our experience we gained since 2006 to present we are continuing our way as SYT Makina at 2017.

At our company quality is not detected as a vehicle, detected as a purpose. Our company is continuing its works with this consciousness.

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